Quantum Flagship

The new European Quantum Flagship project will aim to develop and deploy quantum cryptography technology that will permit the ultra-secure transmission of information through the network.

The consortium gathers the know-how and expertise of professionals from all technology development phases, ranging from innovative designs to development of prototypes for field trials, which includes more than 40 partners from world-leading academic groups, research and technology organizations (RTOs), quantum component and system spin-offs, cybersecurity providers, integrators, and telecommunication operators, most of them former members of the first phase of the European Quantum Flagship initiative, which started in October of 2018.

The project has the following long-term goals

  • 1

    Developing advanced technology for quantum secure communication networks against the ever-increasing power of computers and sophistication of algorithms (even for quantum computers).

  • 2

    Integrating quantum cryptography technology at component, system and network levels, also into classical communication networks.

  • 3

    Establishing QSNP as a key player in quantum-safe critical governmental infrastructures, such as EuroQCI, as well as for the private telecommunication market sector and future quantum internet, information and communication technology (ICT) sectors.

QSNP will contribute to the European sovereignty in quantum technology for cybersecurity. Additionally, it will generate significant economic benefits to the whole society, including training new generations of scientists and engineers, as well as creating high-tech jobs in the rapidly growing quantum industry.