18 December 2023

Workshop on Gaussian and Non-Gaussian Quantum Correlations (WP3)

The workshop aims to bring together researchers working on fundamental and applied aspects of quantum correlations within quantum information science and technology. 18-20 December 2023, Copenhagen, Denmark.
10 January 2024

Workshop “Quantum meets Classical Cryptography” (WP4 & WP6)

January 10th-12th, 2024 in Paris, France.

25 January 2024

QCI Days Vienna 2024

Making Austria Quantum Secure. 25-26 January 2024. Vienna, Austria.

6 February 2024

Advancing QKD from theory to technology Workshop (WP2)

The sessions are dedicated to the tasks in WP2 of QSNP Project. 6-7 February, 2024 in Padua, Italy.

26 February 2024

MWC Mobile World Congress 2024

Join the mobile technology ecosystem at the largest and most influential connectivity event in the world. 26-29 February 2024. Barcelona, Spain.