The in-person event occurs twice each year. In the Spring, Europe hosts the OCP Regional Summit, focusing on the distinct challenges and solutions of that region. The OCP Global Summit, the largest of the two, takes place each Fall in San Jose, California. The 2023 OCP Global Summit was the biggest yet, with 4,401 attendees.

At the 2023 Global Summit, industry leaders, researchers and pioneers from the open community engaged in dynamic dialogues, enlightening workshops, and interactive engineering sessions designed to expand our understanding of the progress that their Projects have made as well as the challenges and road ahead. Participants explored emerging trends, tackled complex challenges and discover new opportunities to drive global innovation.

2023 OCP Global Summit recap (source: OCP)

QSNP partner Diego R. López, Senior Technology Expert at Telefónica I+D, participated in the session OCP Special focus: Quantum, where he talked about Quantum-Safe Networks, mentioning QSNP as the main European initiative developing technologies that guarantee quantum safety in the networks as well as integrating and deploying pilots test of said technology at all levels.  He also participated in the Panel: Taming the Emerging Quantum Opportunity for Open Collaboration alongside various experts in the field including representatives from Infleqtion, Anyon and Q-CTRL.

Watch Diego R. López’s full talk: