Quside Launches RPU Cloud: Accelerating Randomness-Intensive Workloads in the Cloud
  • The RPU allows accelerating randomness-intensive workloads, as well as increasing the effective computational capacity and improving the quality of simulations, optimisations and predictions.
  • With the launch of the RPU Cloud, the acceleration benefits are directly available in the cloud. Quside is selecting a number of pilot customers who will have preferential access to the new functionalities.
  • The RPU Cloud will be applied to multiple sectors, including the financial sector, insurance, logistics and even basic research.

Quside, the Barcelona-based company that uses quantum technology to offer advanced randomness solutions for the cybersecurity and high-performance computing markets, has launched its Randomness Processing Unit in the cloud (RPU Cloud). The service is already available on Amazon Web Services (AWS), one of the leading cloud services in the market. Quside expects to launch on other public clouds in the coming months.

Accelerating Stochastic Workloads in the Cloud

Quside developed the new RPU Cloud product in direct response to customer needs. Specifically, the product aims to accelerate and optimize randomness-intensive workloads. Consequently, this helps companies become more efficient and gain competitive advantages when running stochastic workloads. Furthermore, the cloud has been a determining factor in its development, as it allows Quside to further assist its customers in optimizing and accelerating their stochastic workloads.

In addition, with the RPU Cloud, Quside customers can easily create virtual machines containing the features and benefits of the RPU directly in their virtual private cloud environments and take advantage of the benefits that cloud environments provide.

For its use, Quside is selecting a group of clients and collaborating companies that will have preferential access to the new service and can integrate it into their processes. The main areas of commercialisation are risk modelling and pricing in the financial sector, route optimisation in the logistics sector, and advanced physics problem solving in the scientific sector.

In the words of Carlos Abellán, co-founder and CEO of Quside: “At Quside we work daily to improve our products and offer the customers the best version of each of them. Launching the RPU Cloud has been a very important achievement for us, since it brings us closer to our current customer base and also brings us closer to new potential users who already use Amazon Web Services”.

Quside expects to release new features and tools for RPU and RPU Cloud in the upcoming months.