Arranged in an area of 100m2, the space is divided into four main areas:

1. Quantum Flagship stand

2. Companies: in quantum communications, the companies Q-birdLuxQuanta; Qoolnet-Cl-UPM; Quside ; ThinkQuantumQilimanjaro , VPIPhotonics.

3. European Initiatives: Quantum Internet Alliance (QIA) ; Quantum Secure Network Partnership (QSNP), Quantum Valley Lower Saxony (QVLS), QuKomin

4. The QT Club: This year the QT corner will host the quantum coffees at 11:00h and, at 16:00h, there will be the launch of the QIA Forum as well as the Post Quantum Cryptography panel organized by QSNP partner Quside, among other activities.

QSNP will have a panel on Wednesday 28th at 16:00h titled “Quantum Communications to Secure the Future”.

Find the full programme below.