ICFO’s CLP Day: A Focus on Photonic Chips for the Future

On Friday, April 19, ICFO hosted the highly anticipated Corporate Liaison Program (CLP) Day, centered around the theme “Photonic Chips for Information and Quantum Applications.” This event served as a gathering for professionals across various sectors, including international platforms, multinational corporations, local businesses, and researchers from diverse institutions. The main objective is to foster interactions and search for common synergies.

This year’s CLP Day placed a special emphasis on the advancements and potential of photonic chips for information processing and quantum applications. Furthermore, the event provided an ideal environment for to review the latest advances while also focusing on the generation of joint research projects.

The event started with a packed auditorium eagerly awaiting insights from industry leaders. To begin, ICFO’s KTT Director, Silvia Carrasco, invited Lucilla Sioli, Director for AI and Digital Industry for the European Commission, to set the tone with a welcome address, thus setting the stage for the day’s proceedings. Subsequently, Jaime Martorell, representing PERTE chip, provided an overview of the Spanish national chips program landscape, thereby offering valuable insights into future prospects.

QSNP partner Peter O’Brien from Tyndall Institute.

CLP Day Showcases Photonic Integrated Circuits Advancements and Market Outlook

Distinguished speakers, including Mika Prunnila from VTT, Qu-Pilot coordinator, Kevin Williams from Eindhoven Uviersity of Tech, Coordinator of JEPPIX, Michael Peeters from IMEC, and QSNP partner Peter O’Brien from Tyndall, took the stage to delve into topics such as production, fabrication, prototyping and manufacturing of photonic integrated circuits, among others. Following these presentations, a panel discussion featuring Andreas Matiss from Corning Optical Comm., QSNP partners Carlos Abellán from Quside and Vanesa Díaz from Luxquanta, Ana González from Ipronics and Alexia Salavrakos from Quandela, offered a comprehensive analysis of the current status and future directions of the pics market.

Panel on market verticals.

The CLP Day ended with a networking lunch, providing participants with a valuable opportunity to exchange perspectives, insights, and potentially lay the groundwork for future collaborations. Overall, the event served as a dynamic platform for knowledge sharing and relationship building within the field of photonic integrated circuits and its quantum applications.


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