About us

The CEA is a major research organisation working in the best interests of the French State, its economy and citizens. Thanks to its strong roots in fundamental research, it is able to provide tangible solutions to meet their needs in four key fields:

  • Low-carbon energy (nuclear and renewable)
  • Digital technology
  • Technology for medicine of the future 
  • Defence and national security

Climate change, pandemics, geopolitical threats, shortage of raw materials, accelerated development of digital technologies… We live in a very challenging yet rich world full of opportunities, which highlights just how important it is to maintain control over the key societal issues, i.e., energy transition, digital transformation, healthcare of the future, and global defence and security.


  • Nicolas Sangouard, Research Director
  • Ségolène Olivier, Quantum Photonics Program Manager
  • Quentin Wilmart,  Optoelectronics researcher
  • Léopold Virot, Researcher


  • CEA has been working in quantum technologies for over 20 years and decided to joined QSNP to be part of the main consortium on Quantum Network Applications.

  • Experts in device independent quantum information processing, mostly for QRNG and QKD.

  • Their goal is to push the security to the extreme, without assumptions on the functioning of quantum devices.

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