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Quantum Communications in Europe: Highlights

Quantum Communication in Europe

On June 5, 2024, researchers, industry leaders and innovators in the field of quantum communications gathered for a dynamic and insightful conference at AXA Auditorium (Barcelona). The event “Quantum Communications in Europe: Building the next generation of European quantum technology”, organized by the European projects Quantum Secure Networks Partnership (QSNP) and Quantum Internet Alliance (QIA) and hosted by ICFO, brought together experts, policymakers and technology start-ups to discuss the latest advancements and collaborations in this cutting-edge field.

Researchers from Universidade de Vigo take another step towards implementation security of Quantum Key Distribution


In the world of secure communications, Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) stands out as a beacon of hope, promising security even against adversaries armed with the most advanced computational and technological tools. However, the transition from theory to reality is not an easy task. The issue lies in the disparity between theoretical assumptions and practical implementations, creating vulnerabilities that may be exploited by hackers.

Routed Bell Experiments: a new way towards device-independent quantum security


In the field of quantum technologies, ensuring functionality and security of quantum devices poses a challenge. In this publication, QSNP researchers present an advancement in the field of device-independent quantum information.



On Friday 19 April, ICFO hosted the Corporate Liaison Program dedicated this year to Photonic Chips for Information and Quantum Applications.

Novel method to design photonic DIQKD experiments


QSNP partners have achieved a milestone in the field of quantum communication. Researchers are working on a pioneering approach that could revolutionize the landscape of quantum key distribution (QKD). At the centre of their study lies the quest for device-independent quantum key distribution (DIQKD), a protocol praised for its ability to mitigate vulnerabilities inherent in traditional QKD methods.

QSNP member Mariana Ferreira presents at OFC Conference


Mariana Ramos Ferreira shared her latest breakthrough at the OFC Conference in San Diego – unveiling the potential of a Datacom-agnostic shortwave QKD for Short-reach links. Her team’s research showcases the robustness of shortwave QKD in short-reach links, even under 100Gb/s coexistence with classical C-Band channels.

100 kilometers of quantum-encrypted transfer


Researchers at DTU have succeeded in using quantum encryption to securely transfer information 100 kilometres via fibre optic cable – roughly equivalent to the distance between Oxford and London.

LuxQuanta secures EIC Accelerator Funding


ICFO spin-off, a leading European QKD manufacturer, is one of the 42 selected companies to received highly competitive funding. This achievement highlights LuxQuanta’s innovative work while infusing the company with a substantial €2.5 million grant. Funding is further augmented by matching financing from the European Investment Bank (EIB). This grant marks a significant step forward for LuxQuanta in advancing its Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) technology.

QSNP showcases Quantum Cryptography Technology at Mobile World Congress 2024

MWC 2024 Quantum Zone

The European Quantum Zone made a significant impact at the Mobile World Congress 2024, captivating attendees with our ground-breaking showcase of European quantum technology. Located at Hall 6, with a prominent stand of 100m2, the Quantum Flagship’s display was a hub of activity, drawing attendees eager to explore the forefront of technological innovation.

QSNP at Mobile World Congress (MWC24)

Quantum Communications Expo

Coordinated by QSNP partner ICFO, the European Quantum Flagship returns to the Mobile World Congress (MWC24) with The European Quantum Zone – Hall 6 Stand 6A8 – aimed at showcasing the most recent and important advances in quantum technologies for the digital market as well as the immersive and connectivity industry.